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Update: Manuel unfortunately stopped the development of the official Manuel Bastioni LAB. A community effort is continuing on animate1978/MB-Lab. Most of the content on this wiki should still apply (as of 2019-02-28) to this continuation. Thank you for your hard work Manuel and wish you the best in life!

A community by the users of the ManuelbastioniLAB add-on for Blender, for the users of the MBLab add-on! Manuel Bastioni has developed a great open source add-on to quickly make high-quality human, fantasy and anime 3D models in the open source 3D creation suite, Blender.

Note that Manuel Bastioni is not expected to contribute to this wiki. Please see the links below to contact him.

Purpose of this WikiEdit

Due to the quality of the human, fantasy, and anime models created through this add-on, users have started to use it for a variety of purposes. In a single forum topic, however, it is hard to find useful information when it's buried among many posts. This wiki aims to be a hub to collect all such tips & tricks and store them in a more easy-to-find structure.

Please share your discoveries, creative use-cases, and how you solved your difficulties, here!

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